Realizing the true extent of my beauty, taking advantage of it, and maintaining it

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Some people say that I am a health and fitness freak. I guess it would be more appropriate to say that I just love my body a great deal. Ever since while as a young teenager I discovered that I was very pretty and that I had a great body I have strived to maintain this qualities.

As a young girl I did not know how pretty I was although many people were fond of commenting about it. As an innocent little girl I thought that this was just how people talked and that they said this just to make me happy.

As it is with many girls, the boys were responsible for making me realize just how beautiful I was. As I matured and blossomed into womanhood during my early teenage years I realized that the boys were paying me more attention as compared to other girls. I especially realized this one evening in a nasty experience as I walked home with my best friend.

I had a best friend who we had been close pals for many years and we were always together. We walked home together every day from school. That evening as we were walking home we walked some three rough teenage boys who were well known for being rowdy. As we passed where they were standing they started making some lewd remarks at us. We had experienced this many times before and as usual we would ignore them and just move on.

However this time my friend got angry and shouted at them to shut up. One of the boys then went ahead to wickedly tell her that they were talking to the beautiful girl and that she should shut her ugly mouth.

I was so shocked and hurt that I cried.

Apart from this incidence I also started noticing that other girls were often very jealous about me in school. At first I had thought that they were just mean girls but I later noticed that their meanness toward me was heightened whenever boys were around.

With the realization that I was actually blessed way above other girls, I started realizing that it was very easy for me to get favors from people who were strangers and I often had my way in difficult situations whereas other people would struggle.

In college I used my beauty to gain much popularity and I was even chosen as an official in several clubs which I joined. The only thing that I have never done is compete in a beauty pageant which I consider to be too blatant.

To keep myself beautiful I try to maintain my perfect ten figure by ensuring that I feed on healthy diets that are not fatty. I even have an immersion blender in our office kitchenette which I use to make healthy smoothies instead of eating from the fast food eateries where the other workmates go to eat. I also go swimming once in a while to tone up my body and to use any excessive calories that I might consume.

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