Fighting weight gain after attaining middle age

Fighting weight gainLike many people in mid-age, my weight is a great concern for me. For anyone above forty, body weight is something we are always thinking about whenever we put any food into our mouths. Unlike younger people, our metabolism rates are much slower and we are also less likely to engage in any physical exercises that would otherwise help use up some of the energies that we consume in our food.

I have been developing a more rounded and pronounced pouch for some time now and despite my efforts of trying to avoid fatty foods I do not seem to be having much success. I am however not complaining much since compared to many people my age I have started to gain excessive weight much later in life. Many of my age mates ballooned in their thirties and late twenties while I managed to maintain a trim figure until I hit 40. This was without any effort i.e. without any physical exercise routines and without any dieting patterns.

I however realize that I now have to pay more attention to my gradually increasing weight. I would hate to have an overweight body and my wife would even hate it more. She has always expressed how she found beer bellies offending and she has been constantly nagging me to do something about my midsection.

I am not very eager about taking up physical exercise as a way of reducing my weight. Any of my attempts to do any physical exercises even when I was much younger have ended up in disastrous failure and lots of discomfort due to muscle soreness which seems to hit me more than it hits other people. After a short session of strenuous activity I always wake up the next day with painful muscles that usually last for several days.

Since I did not want to have a repeat of these agonizing experience, my only way of dealing with my burgeoning weight is to observe a strict diet.

My attempts at avoiding fatty foods have obviously not sufficient for managing my weight. I need to also control my starch consumption and instead focus on eating healthier foods such as hummus which also helps in reducing appetite.

Many times I have a lot of starchy foods including the croissants that I love for breakfast. I usually have at least two croissants with some sweet coffee in the morning and during the day I also have several cups of the same sweet coffee with some occasional office snacks such as the tasty doughnuts that are supplied from a bakery next door to our workplace.

For lunch I also have been eating a lot of pasta and pizzas and obviously these have led to my undoing.

My wife has been making me take apple cider vinegar which she claims is good for helping combat weight gain. She has also started including more vegetables and fruits in our diets and having less starch. The only starch that we eat at home is occasional rice.

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