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Tips For A Poisoned Dog

No one wants to think about their pet becoming sick from something poisonous, but in today’s world with all of the toxic chemicals around it may happen. It is best to learn what to

Organic Solutions For Flea And Tick Relief In Your Cat

Cats are wonderful creatures to live with; they are relatively low maintenance and can easily be kept in tiny homes or small apartments. They can be just as affectionate as a dog, you can

Dogs Are Able To Detect The Earth’s Magnetic Field

It is somewhat amazing that lost dogs can find their way home, sometimes traveling over hundreds of miles to get there. They will cross terrain that most humans would find daunting to be reunited

Studies Show Human Brain Scans Similar To Dogs

Your dog may not understand exactly what you say, but it’s definitely going to be able to tell if you are happy or angry. A new study has uncovered that the way a dog’s

Beware Of Deadly Dog Treats Made In China

There is nothing more terrifying to a pet owner than seeing their animal fall sick to unknown causes. Unfortunately with the thousands of pet products available today it can be hard to determine what

Be A Responsible Owner For Your Pet

With Americans owning over 70 million dogs, 90 million cats, and millions of other types of animals being a responsible pet owner is a necessity. There’s nothing more annoying than walking out your front