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What Does an Army Therapist Do?

The US Army provides plenty opportunities for those seeking education in the medical profession. One of the most sought after roles are that of a physical therapist. A physical therapist in the US Army

Tenochtitlan’s New Home: Mexico City

Between 1325 and 1521 A.D. Tenochtitlan, an Aztec city, was booming. The people of the city always had supplies too because of the huge system of causeways and canals. However, in 1521 the city

Veterinarians Explain How to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

The health of your dog’s teeth is vital to their well being. Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy helps to prevent dental disease and several other serious threats to your pet’s health. You do not

Biodiversity: Who Has the Most Monkeys… And Butterflies?

It has taken millions of years to create the kind of diversity that makes life on earth unique. In some parts of the world, the term biodiversity has become a goal achieved through maintaining

Words Of Wisdom: Start The Business Of Your Dreams

Here are a few quick inspirational quotes to help encourage people to take the plunge, live their dreams, and star their own business! Hopefully, armed with these quotes, someone will take the plunge in

How to Buy a Lamborghini if You’re An Average Guy

It is almost Christmas!  Perhaps you are getting Christmas lists from friends and family or you are thinking long and hard about which gifts would really brighten their day – maybe it is something

Teeth Regenerating Goo May Sway Undecided to Medical Field

If you hate the drill of the dentist and have been contemplating a career in the medical field, you may be interested in working with teeth goo.  An article from describes how this